Halloween Bat Wall Decorations

Ginger Ray

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For a truly spooky piece of Halloween wall decor, this bat wall decoration is sure to give the creeps. These black bats come in three different sizes creating the affect of a swarm being released from a spooky haunted house.
The bats can be stuck to surfaces with the low tack stickers provided and the bends in the card create a 3D effect and cast scary shadows on the surrounding area. Why not position them to the side of a fireplace or door to give the look over them escaping. 
Each pack contains 30 halloween bat wall decorations - of various bat wing spans (10 x Large 30cm span, 10 x Medium 20cm span and 10x Small 12cm span) and 30 x low tack stickers on a separate sheet in 3 sizes
* Picture Image *  Halloween Balloon Arch - Sold Separately - Product Code BREW 105