Princess Party In A Box

Ginger Ray

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Princess Party In A Box
Every girl deserves a princess party and we have made your dreams come true with our princess party in a box. Each Party Box has adorable themed Princess - plates, cups, napkins, tiara hats, a princess backdrop and pink confetti balloons! - princess perfect!

Each Princess Party In A Box contains 16 plates measuring 25cm (Diameter), 16 cups measuring 9.5cm (H) and 7.5cm (W), 16 napkins measuring 33cm (Squared), 16 tiaras measuring 20cm (W), 13cm (H) and 19cm (D), 1 bunting  measuring 1.5m (L) by 21cm (H) and 5 12" (Diameter) confetti balloons.

Please note - confetti balloons will not float for the same duration as standard balloons due to the mixture of helium & additional confetti weight inside the balloons. Depending on the event, for the best result, avoid blowing these up too far in advance i.e. the night before! unfortunately, they won't last.