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Summer BBQ & Garden Parties

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Summer BBQ & Garden Parties

With Summer fast approaching, I am sure we are all dreaming of late bright warm nights filled with the heavenly smell of a BBQ and homemade cocktails flowing. If you plan to organize a garden party or BBQ this summer, this is the blog post for you! I will outline below the do's and don’ts of planning a party in your home and how to decorate for the perfect summer aesthetic.

Celebrating any event outdoors during the summer is a blissful thought. But there are some things to consider before you volunteer your garden for the festivities. Here are some common mistakes people make when throwing outdoor parties.

  • Preparing too little food/ beverages: knowing how much food to cook for an event is always challenging. It is crucial to have an exact headcount prepared before you begin planning your menu. It is always a good idea to prepare extra food, so people will not go hungry, can take leftovers home or you can enjoy leftovers after. It is also a good rule of thumb in case a guest unexpectedly brings a plus one. You do not want people to be thirsty either, especially when it is hot outside. Ensure you offer a wide variety of drinks, and if you serve alcohol make sure you offer non-alcoholic beverages also.
  • Not having enough seats: You need to ensure you have accounted for all guests when it comes to your garden space. You should provide seating for all, this can be a mix of table seating, garden furniture and blankets on the grass if it is dry. A good tip is to group your furniture so people can catch up in groups. Your furniture does not have to match, just make sure there’s enough of it!
  • Not planning for bad weather: Let’s face it we can never predict the weather, especially here in Ireland. If you are having a party outdoors, you should plan for bad weather even in summer. You can either bring everybody inside if you have space or purchase a gazebo so the party can continue even with bad weather.

Now that you know what not to do, here are some tips on how to make your garden party/BBQ amazing.

  • Décor: you may not think you need to redecorate your space for your friends coming over, but it makes all the difference. The décor you choose sets the scene for the party. Start with simple décors such as bunting, table runners, seat cushions and fairy lights which will transform your garden and are reusable for future events.
  • Serving: ensure you have sufficient serving equipment. We all know the panic when you organize the party, cook the food and then realize your salad/serving bowl is far too small! Purchasing good quality serving dishes is an investment and will liven up the refreshment table. For a boho look consider wooden bowls and serving plates which are all the rage at the minute. When having a party it is important to consider sourcing sustainable serving equipment, if you do not wish to use your cups and plates, opt for paper instead of plastic so you can recycle, same goes for straws. You can even get pastel coloured wooden cutlery now to match the theme of any party.
  • Entertainment: although your guests are there to socialize, providing entertainment is always a good idea. This can be something as simple as a trivia game, jigsaw puzzles, board games or sports games. This will ensure the fun lasts all night and everyone can get involved.

Now that you are equipped with this knowledge you can organize your own garden parties/BBQs all summer long! All of the décor I mentioned above is available at the Party Boutique, shop products perfect for any theme here. I hope you all have a safe and joyful summer.



Roisin x

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